Get PulseChainTokens

What is this?

The only way to secure Pulse (PLS) before the main-net launches.

Who are we?

We are a group of crypto enthusiast that was part of the sacrifice phase and will be airdropped Pulse when main net launches.

Why are you pre-selling Pulse?

People want to buy and the sacrificing phase is over.

How much Pulse is PulseChainToken worth?

1 to 1.

If you buy 100 PulseChainTokens, that address will be sent 100 Pulse once main net goes live.

How does it work?

Every address holding PulseChainToken will be sent  1 to 1 Pulse when PulseChain Main Net launches.

Where can you get PulseChainTokens?

You can buy PulseChainTokens directly from this site.


If main net doesn’t launch all eth will be sent back to the sending address.

Are you associated with Richard Heart or PulseChain?

No, we have no official relationship to the official PulseChain project. Just an OG Hexican that took a big sac and now helping get pulse in more hand for less than current rate.

Get PulseChainTokens

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